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Drawing & Activity Integrated Lesson: Jaguar


Free for a limited time!

This unique downloadable and printable drawing and activity lesson includes:

  • Easy step-by-step instructions to draw a jaguar
  • Starter Drawing of partially drawn jaguar to ensure success for beginners and skilled alike
  • Self-esteem exercise
  • Brain twister
  • Drawing & coloring tips
  • A colorable rainforest border to draw on
  • Tracing activity
  • Finish the picture activity
  • Art-infused critical thinking exercise (easy and advanced)
  • Colorable completion certificate

A super-fun drawing and activity lesson that prompts whole-brain activation, develops eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills, engages critical thinking, and promotes confidence and self-esteem.

Great for homeschooling and activities in the home or classroom.

13 printable pages; includes educator instructions and tips

Created, written, illustrated, and produced in the USA


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