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The Best Drawing Books for Kids

Best drawing books for children

“What a fun book! We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘Every Child is an Artist.’ Well, this book will surely prove that point…What a feeling of success…”
Story Monsters Ink for Favorite Animals

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“The books are so gorgeous…How exciting to see [my child] take her first steps into learning drawing.”
customer review from L. in Australia for the How-To-Draw for Kids series

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“Lovely How To Draw books. My kids LOVED them. Super fun activity with the kids. ”
customer review from K. in Arizona for the How-To-Draw for Kids series

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Try a Free Sample

Check out the free drawing book samples below from the How to Draw for Kids! book series. Complete with free printables!

cute penguin drawing

Draw a penguin! Try before you buy from Favorite Animals.
how to draw favorite animals for children

cute teapot drawing

Draw a teapot! Try before you buy from Fairies, Mermaids, and More Pretty Things.
how to draw fairies mermaids and pretty things

cute dinosaur drawing

Draw an Apatosaurus! Try before you buy from Rockin’ Dinosaurs.
how to draw dinosaurs for children

cute monster drawing

Draw a fluffy monster! Try before you buy from Friendly Monsters.
best drawing book for kids friendly monsters

find out why our how to draw books are the best
cute fairy
cute pterodactyl dinosaur + how to draw
cute friendly monster

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